Louisville Ice Sculptures
Pick the Right Ice Sculpture
Large liquor luge carved from ice for a charity gala in Louisville, Kentucky by Louisville Ice Sculptures. Price $395

Selecting the Right Ice Sculpture

Planning an event can be a challenge, and decorations are really important to set the mood. Ice can be fun and part of the action (see Liquor Luges). Your guests will love have a specialty drink poured at the top of your ice luge, watch the drink get instantly chilled and enjoy! Not serving liquor? Feature your favorite animal or corporate logo in the mist of the buffet.

For weddings, the most popular ice sculptures are:

  • Ice Swans
  • Double Hearts
  • Monograms
  • Centerpiece Vases

For Corporate Events, the business logo with colored sand stands out in the crowd. If your business  is hosting an evening party, serve your clients from an Ice Bar. This will make a lasting impression and be the talk of the town.

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