A lovely ice sculpture with a heart surrounded with seahorses that was created by Louisville Ice Sculptures  is a beautiful addition to an event. Price $325

Reserve Your Ice Sculpture

  • Click on the Contact Us page and fill out the form to email us automatically.
  • If you have a photo or logo, you can send it directly to us at louisvilleice@gmail.com.
  • Be sure to include your event date, time, venue and design you are looking for.
  • We will send you an estimate and may need to contact you for more information.
  • Once you have approved the estimate, an invoice will be sent to your email and you can pay online with a credit card which is the preferred method.

All ice sculptures are hand crafted at the time of order and must be paid for in advance. We will accept deposits of 50% on orders with final payment due thirty days before the event.

Large liquor luge carved from ice for a charity gala in Louisville, Kentucky by Louisville Ice Sculptures. Price $395

When You Order Ice Sculpture From Me

  • I will supply the drip tray and drainage tube.
  • If requested and available, the lighting will coordinate with your theme.
  • My team will deliver your sculpture between 30 to 60 minutes before your event start time.
  • I will coordinate with your caterer or event planner if requested.
  • Tear-down service is available upon request.
This ice bar has a liquor luges. Price $1800

Day Of Set Up

Please have your space for the ice sculpture ready with linens before delivery time.

  • If lighting is ordered, please make sure there is electrical available and provide extension cords if required.
  • Provide a 5 gallon bucket to catch the melting ice if you are not paying for tear-down service. This will need to be emptied throughout the event to prevent overfilling.
  • Once the sculpture is set-up, it is recommended to fill the display tray with ice cubes to lengthen the life of the sculpture.


  • First sculpture: $50 minimum, $35 each additional sculpture
  • First sculpture after midnight: $95 minimum, $50 each additional sculpture
  • Per ice bar: $125 minimum per 6-foot ice bar
  • Per ice bar after midnight: $175 minimum per 6-foot ice bar