Impress Your Guests

Pristine ice carved skillfully into a beautiful image creates an alluring most people can resist. When your event needs that wow factor ice sculptures what other decorations can't.

Louisville Ice Sculptures' Master artist Steve Stewart can take your vision and a block of ice and turn it into the ultimate embellishment for your event.

All of our ice sculptures are hand carved and never machine made! We have animal sculptures, monograms, centerpieces and can create almost anything in ice.

All of our hand carved ice sculptures, which are never machine, made will last 4 to 5 hours!

Wedding Ice Sculptures

Flowers in an Ice Sculpture Vase

Floral Vase Ice Sculpture

Great for weddings and parties as an entrance piece or a centerpiece ice sculpture.

Our most popular ice sculpture is the horse head sitting 40" tall by Louisville Ice Sculptures.

Horse Head Ice Sculpture

For a horse-lover themed wedding this ice sculptures can be used at the grooms table or as a centerpiece.

Louisville Ice Sculptures created something quite special for this couple with this wonderful personalized double heart ice sculpture. Price $275

Heart Shaped Ice Sculpture

The romantic nature of this ice sculpture makes it ideal for weddings, engagement parties & anniversaries.

Louisville Ice Sculptures created these vibrant vases for a gala at the The Gillespie that were a total  hit!! Price $495 (flowers not included)

Paired Vase Ice Sculptures

These matching ice sculptures paired with flowers make a powerful statement at a wedding reception.

Hand carved letters with a red light steals the show from Louisville Ice Sculptures. Price $275

Monogram Ice Sculpture

Embellish a wedding reception food table with a monogram ice sculpture. Take it up a notch with lighting.

This ice sculpture is both functional and beautiful.

Shrimp Serving Ice Sculpture

This functional ice sculpture helps keep shrimp cool during an outdoor wedding.

Party Ice Impressions

Decorative clock ice sculpture is 32" tall with silver glitter hands.  Price:  $295

Clock Ice Sculpture

New Year's Eve parties are all about the count down to midnight. Count yours down with a clock ice sculpture.

What a show stopper from Louisville Ice Sculptures! Price $295

Shoe Ice Sculpture

Wow your fashion trendy sweet sixteen with an ice sculpture, she can relate to and her party guests will love.

This magnificent Titanic ice sculpture was executed by the very talented Louisville Ice Sculptures.

Titanic Ice Sculpture

Every Titanic themed party needs its own iceberg. This Titanic ice sculpture can help set the party scene.

Time Capsule Ice Scultpure

Celebrate a special birthday with a time capsule ice sculpture that let's party guests see past & present photos.

This refreshment center will be the hit of the baby shower. Price $295

Stork Ice Sculpture

Before the real stork comes have the stork drop in at your baby shower. This ice sculpture will an elegant element to your party.

Louisville Ice Sculptures provided a great personalized centerpiece ice sculpture for this 50th wedding anniversary.

Wine Glass Ice Sculpture

Toast to 50 year of marital bliss with a wine glass ice sculpture at your anniversary party.